Friday, 1 July 2011

Body Art Mehndi Tattoo

Body Art Mehndi Tattoo
Body Art Mehndi Tattoo
This paga contains all about Body Art Mehndi Tattoo and all about Mehndi Tattoos ,Henna Tattoos

,Body Art Henna Tattoos ,Mehndi Tattoo .

Body Art Mehndi Tattoo
Mehndi – also called “ ” – is a type of body art that gained popularity in the West during the 1990s. The name henna tattoos  is a little misleading as this type of body art tattoo is not permanently inked into the skin as it is done with the traditional type of tattoo, but is a temporary form of body art that done using a dye that is derived from the henna plant which is native to the desert regions of the Middle East, Africa, and India.

While Mehndi body art has been traditionally used for special occasions such as festivals and weddings, many individuals are now creating their own unique style of body art tattoos that represent various things such as their religion, a significant event in their lives, or various other types of symbolism.

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