Sunday, 26 June 2011

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Ancient symbols  have always been an inspiration for tattoo designs. One of the most popular ancient symbols used as a motif of the tattoos is the  cross.

Celtic cross tattoo for men is the 1001 men the most popular tattoo designs, which in the hot trend, and now a day. Celtic cross tattoo design  is a creative combination of various modes, but there is usually a circle around the intersection of cross-adaptation, where the vertical and horizontal parts. Celtic cross tats represents the beliefs and traditions.

This is a very beautiful and unique cross tattoo art, each of whom in their body ink. When you select your cross tattoo has the belief and feelings, as you design your skin, you seriously accept your life. Cross tattoos are usually worn mostly men, but women who recently popular interest in increased cross tattoo. These Celtic cross tattoos for girls can be worn, it looks very feminine.

Today, the Celtic cross is considered to be an image that connects the pagan with the Christian religion. From this perspective, the cross will represent the holy cross of Christianity while a circle represents the Sun worship from the pagan times. The symbolism of the circle is eternity and the circle itself is without a beginning or an end. The cross is divided into four parts. These four parts represent the four directions – East, West, North and South.


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