Thursday, 30 June 2011

Flower Tattoo on Hip

Flower Tattoos on Hip: The hip is a great area to get flower tattoo design. Flower Tattoos on hip here look best when a low slung pair of jeans is worn and you can see the top of the small flower tattoo design peeking over.
Multi-coloured Flower tattoo design or shooting stars tattoo designs look great on hips. Usually the shooting star is moving down and the trail behind it is what you can see above the hip but you can go against convention if you want there is definitely nothing wrong with that attitude when it comes to tattoos designs.

you can also get a simple emblem or object inked here. One you might consider is a simple heart – black outline and filled in red.
The Flower  designs are really the womanly tattoo designs. Just like the vine of flowers, these tattoos are generally long and the lower back has sufficient space for this exquisite design. The Flower Vine tattoo can also be combined with hearts and angels to give it a more revealing and sexy look.

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