Friday, 8 July 2011

Bollywood unleashes new cinema as viewer tastes change

Be it the rural flavour of “Ishqiya”, the sexual overtones of “Love Sex Aur Dhokha” or the urban adult comedy “Delhi Belly”, notice how unconventional themes are being lapped up by moviegoers?

iewer tastes appear to be changing as new age filmmakers endeavour to stay away from the larger-than-life characters, melodrama and typical romances. Bollywood has always been known for.

New entrant Imran Khan, the lead actor of adult comedy “Delhi Belly”, who is flourishing under the umbrella of his talented uncle Aamir Khan, feels the new lot of filmmakers is the baton carrier and “the industry has opened up a lot more”.
“Writers, producers and actors have opened so much to off-beat cinema and the audience has grown alongside,” he added.
Despite being tagged as an A-movie, replete with expletives and with no-morals attached, Imran’s “Delhi Belly” hit the right chord and its success has proved that moviebuffs are coming of age too.


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