Sunday, 3 July 2011

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos

apanese Koi Fish Tattoos
A type of Japanese tattoos is Japanese Koi Fish tattoos design which is also called Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos Art. The meanings of Japanese Koi fish tattoo in China and Japan is very lucky. In Chinese word for Koi fish sounds similar the word for “Surplus” or “Abundance”.

For this reason the Japanese Koi fish tattoo is popular too much and they think that Koi fish tattoo picture on your body featuring and beautiful Japanese fish tattoo design is supposed to bring you wealth and bounty for coming many years.

There are Japanese Koi fish tattoos on sleeves and Japanese koi fish tattoos on back designs available on our site.

We have a gallery of Japanese Koi fish tattoo designs pictures in our site. We hope you will like these Japanese popular tattoos and give us your feed back.


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