Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion for USA and UK Girls Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Many trees tend to invoke the image of wisdom, and a solidity that most symbols cannot even come close to. Cherry blossom tree tattoos are meant to express the same, as well as life, fecundity and strength. The cherry blossom tattoos image has been an inspiring symbol to many people; this is evidenced by the array of stories and myths that surround it.

Most people prefer to use a more realistic approach and use the dark browns and vivid greens that come natural to this cherry blossom tree. They may also use fall colors or pure red leaves and black branches. Cherry blossom tree tattoos are also quite popular, as these are a symbol of both feminine cherry blossom tree empowerment, and the transient nature of life.

Many tree tattoos are morphed into unusual patterns. Some interesting cherry blossom tattoos designs would be two trees twining together to represent eternal love, or the bark twisted into Celtic tree knots — as roots and branches meshed together were meant to show the interconnectedness of living things; also, the roots of a tree turning upwards and the upper branches down can form a perfect circle, which can represent the circle of nature and life.


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