Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Heidi Klum and Seal Leave Little to the Imagination in Sardinia Pictures

Heidi Klum’s paradise getaway with her husband Seal is still in full effect, and the people of Porto Cervo, Sardinia, are getting great view of the Heidi Klum supermodel’s hot figure.

The couple kicked off another day on the beaches of Sardinia on Tuesday morning, this time in more modest bathing suits. If, that is, you consider a teeny bikini and a tight red Speedo to be modest.

 Heidi and Seal are known for their unique open door policy at home, stating that they aren’t worried about their kids seeing them in the nude. Heidi has stated that she grew up taking camping trips with her parents to nude beaches in Italy, and seems to want to keep the tradition alive.

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