Monday, 3 October 2011

Bollywood Bridal Saree Design

Bollywood Bridal Saree is very famous in india and pakistan and all about this Benarasi sarees the mark of traditionality has been ruling the fashion industry for ages. This form of attire has always attracted women irrespective of religion or social barrier. Indian Bollywood Bridal Saree not only finds place in Bengali wedding, they are always demanded by women all over the world. It is a precious possession for any woman.
Have you ever wondered why an Indian woman, no matter how badly beaten by Western fashion and style, cannot do without a collection of ethnic clothing in her wardrobe?

 May be this world is following a path of becoming a global village and we can hardly make out someone’s nationality barely by his or her attire, however, we have witnessed the soaring demand for Indian sarees around the world. Benarasi sarees leads the types.
It is a well recognised fact that a woman looks best in a sari – her ethnic clothing. That is the bull’s eye the Indian fashion maestros like Manish Malhotra, Satya Paul have hit. No wonder Indian designer sarees earning them fame as well as mullah from the international fashion market. Benarasi sarees are always their first choice.

Indian saree market divides itself broadly into two; traditional and designer. Designer sarees, being a recent concept, obviously gets its inspiration from the incredible and infinite variety of color, designs, embroideries and fabrics of traditional sarees. One of those traditional sarees is Indian Bollywood saree; which is a typical Bridal wear in Eastern India. The weaver, as if weaves 6 yards of magic, tells a unique story in each interweave…creation never stops, always to surprise the onlooker! Who knows, may be this is why trousseau of a Hindu bride remains incomplete without a Benarasi saree – her unique bridal wear. It strikes every mind if the main purpose of Indian Benarasi Sarees is to give that unmatched beauty, grace and grandeur to the bride. A weaver may take any time between 15 to 180 days, owing to the complexity and uniqueness of designs.
Let us look back in the history to find out why Indian Benarasi saree distinctively attracts attention of the world of fashion. These stunning saris are weaved in Varanasi, the oldest city in the world. When machine rules over human, Varanasi continues to preserve the elemental institution of hand weaving against all odds. In ancient times, weavers of Indian Benarasi sarees took inspiration for designs from Jasmine, thousand emeralds, marigold flower, betel nut leaf, diagonal stripes, corner-motif with a mango flower. As these sarees were meant for members of the royal families, in ancient times, threads made of original gold and silver were used for embroidery. With time, artisans started using golden and silver zari to look like the original gold and silver threads so that the general population could meet the expense of the royal and traditional Bollywood sarees of India.
Today, the popularity of this once-royal attire has become so implausible that they are exported worldwide. There are so many authentic shopping websites, which are successfully selling Benarasi sarees online. But the increasing number of fairer sex enthralled by this form of attire, can be imagined when they click on the websites to buy Benarasi sarees online, sitting at the other corner of this world. Benarasi saree will stay forever, ruling the hearts of women of all class, color, and race.


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