Friday, 11 November 2011

Military Tattoos

Show Your Pride and Patriotism with a Military Tattoo!
It is a fact that getting military tattoos are just one more way for those who are part of the United States military and those who want to show support for our troops to show their pride. In this day and age, showing military pride or American pride is more important than ever.

It should also be known that these specific types of tattoos are not restricted to the United States. Many countries have used tattoos to identify rankings among their military personnel as well as show their pride. In some ancient cultures military tattoos were used as a means of identification and secret communication. Those who were part of that brotherhood understood what the various tattoos meant while to the enemy, the ink was just that—a tattoo.

Most Vietnam veterans that you meet will have some type of body art. Back then, it was one of those things that were just accepted because in the Orient and other places overseas tattoos were a big thing. It was commonplace for a soldier, when sent to a foreign country, to get inked.

Body art was a much more pleasurable and visual account of a man's travels than a journal or log could have ever been, and it didn't take long for military tattoos to catch on this way. You can rest assured that this practice is still alive and well in the military across the world today.  

No matter which branch of the military a man may belong to he is able to get a number of different tattoo styles specific to his branch. As an example, the anchor symbol was a popular one with many of the sailors that enlisted and served in the United States Navy.
Flags are also a symbol of patriotism and were used as armed services tattoo designs by members of all the military branches. Needless to say, they were and still are popular symbols of the armed services and have been invented upon and revamped in numerous ways to fit the personal style of many a loyal soldier. For the American serviceman, the "American Eagle" still remains one of the top tattoo designs selected to show pride and patriotism.

 Armed forces tattoos are not restricted to the United States military alone. There are many international military forces that are known to use tattoos, both in the past and in the present.


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